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Where to stay in Lanzarote

To know where you can stay during your visit to Lanzarote you should think what you prefer, a place full of beaches and fun day and night or a quiet place without much nightlife.

If your answer is the first one then Puerto del Carmen is perfect for you because it has the best beaches and several bars and clubs that are open all the time for the most partying tourists. In addition, Costa Teguise, 15 minutes from the airport, has excellent restaurants, beaches and good attractions for children and adults.

Furthermore, if you want some peace and quiet, Playa Blanca, 38 km away from the capital, is the ideal place to spend a family vacation; its beaches do not have big waves and have several activities for the whole family; also, there are wonderful hotels like H10 Lanzarote Princess that have excellent packages. On the contrary, Haria is the best accommodation if you like green spaces and more rustic hotels and houses like Casa Rural Villa Lola y Juan